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Art & Inspiration from professional artist and instructor Pat Fiorello. Pat is known for her romantic landscape, garden and floral paintings in oil and watercolor. Her paintings often depict beautiful places like Italy and France. Pat teaches painting workshops in the U.S., Caribbean and Europe. She is passionate about inspiring others to include art in their life. Whether creating it or simply appreciating and enjoying it, there are so many ways that art elevates life!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

You make a difference

Villa Ciprese
                                                         Oil Painting by Pat Fiorello

 I went to see the movie "I Am " today. if you haven't heard about it, it's worth checking out. It was created by Hollywood filmmaker Tom Shadyack, who suffered a significant injury that caused him to really step back and look at his life and the "big picture".  I won't give too much away, but the film is quite thought provoking and  inspiring . It explores how we are all connected  and every individual person can make a difference in the world.

 It had me reflecting on the ways to share positive energy in the world thru my everyday activities in art- creating things that touch people or bring beauty to their environments, helping students and other artists  to grow thru sharing, teaching etc.. . Keeping the bigger picture in mind can reframe the context of creating from a personal activity to a contribution. Sometimes it's easy for that to get lost.

And it reminded me to be grateful for the contributions of other artists that I have received. If not for the generosity of artists who have come before us, we would not have the benefit of much of the knowledge about art that we have today. We in turn have a responsibility to pass that on to others.
 Something to think about...

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful painting, Pat.
    I am truly grateful for all the artist friends who have so selflessly shared their knowledge with me and others. They are gifts that bring joy and inspire. Priceless I would say.
    I appreciate these thoughts that you have shared. Yes, they are some things to ponder.