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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wedding Whites

Wedding Whites
12 x 12 Oil Painting
by Pat Fiorello

Here's another  bouquet painting for a lovely young bride who recently got married in Connecticut . Her mother contacted me to arrange the painting as a gift for her daughter. I typically work from photo's on these type of commission assignments,  however in this case the mom was so excited, she wanted me to have the real flowers to work from so she asked the florist to recreate the bouquet and Fedex it to me in Atlanta.

The bouquet arrived safely this week. When I opened the box it had an amazing scent and as you can see the bouquet was just exquisite. white peonies, roses, ranunculus etc.. Very elegant. The bouquet was designed and created by a talented floral designer Jane Rynaski of Just for You Floral Design Studio. Take a look at her website to see some of her other  work- one more beautiful than the next.

I had to get started quickly while the flowers were at their freshest.

Mom, bride and florist were all very happy with the result shown above.

This was the bouquet before it got shipped to me.

Having the real flowers allowed me to set up the bouquet in my studio with some attractive lighting. I then took photo's and  shared a recommended composition to the bride via email photo and we discussed color preferences. She did not like yellow as much, but loved the pink blush so I took some artistic license and pushed things in that direction. A stark white bouquet would be awfully flat, so subtle warms and cool tints are needed to suggest form and depth.

Here's the bouquet in progress in my studio.

I strive to have each bouquet painting be a stand alone piece of art - beautiful flowers that capture the essence of the bouquet and that anyone could enjoy. Yet it has  an extra special meaning since the couple knows it's a remembrance of their wedding day. It is something that they can see and enjoy each and every day in their home.  If you are a bride to be or know of a bride who might be interested, you can learn more about how I can create something special for them on my "Forever Bouquet Paintings" web page.


  1. Cool! The painting is turned out beautifully, I like it better than the actual bouquet!

  2. This is just stunning!! You've captured the romance, the promise and excitement of the day with wonderful subtle hues! No wonder the client and bride were happy! Wonderful job!

  3. You did a fantastic job with composition as well as all the rest. You achieved the goal of making the painting anyone would love to have, not just the bride and her family. I am in awe of your flowers. Please let me know when you hold a class on peonies/roses I would love to join you and become a better romantic flower painter.

  4. Thanks for all your kind feedback. I truly appreciate it. this was a challenge- all white an subtle. But it was fun and best of all knowing that what you paint has special meaning for someone.
    I do teach Painting Flowers in Oil form time to time. don't have anything in the works for 2013, but keep posted for 2014.
    If you don't already get my "Bringing Beauty to the World " Newsletter, you can sign up for it in the upper right column here and that will be the best way to keep posted on upcoming workshops and events. Thanks again!

  5. Pat - this is gorgeous - simply gorgeous. Ovanis could not have done it any better.

    1. Julie, thanks so much for your comments. You are too kind!