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Art & Inspiration from professional artist and instructor Pat Fiorello. Pat is known for her romantic landscape, garden and floral paintings in oil and watercolor. Her paintings often depict beautiful places like Italy and France. Pat teaches painting workshops in the U.S., Caribbean and Europe. She is passionate about inspiring others to include art in their life. Whether creating it or simply appreciating and enjoying it, there are so many ways that art elevates life!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Something Blue...

Something Blue...
12 x12 Oil Painting
Here's "Something Blue...", my most recent bridal bouquet painting. It was recently commissioned as a 5 year wedding anniversary gift from parents to their son and daughter- in- law. A photo of the original bouquet is posted below.

My mission is to use my art to spread love and there's no greater joy for me as an artist than to create something beautiful, lasting and personally meaningful that is given from a family member to someone they love dearly.

Here's what my client shared,
"We have given the painting to our son & his wife. They were surprised & impressed with the painting & the gesture. I was so pleased to give them such a personal gift & I know they will enjoy it over the years. Their wedding was simple but very very warm & delightful. It really reflected their personalities, and all of us in the family remember & speak about it often. We all will enjoy remembering it again each time we see the painting." 
Thanks again Pat, 
A. N. California

If I can help you celebrate a special occasion with love, please contact me about commissioning a work of art. The process is fun and easy. Learn more here.

I often create bridal bouquet paintings, but also create other floral and landscape paintings to preserve memories of a special place or favorite flowers. I'd be happy to discuss any ideas you may have to see what can be uniquely created for your loved one.

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