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Friday, June 12, 2015

Painting in France, Monet's Garden and First Prize

Studio at Hotel Baudy
9 x 12 Oil Painting by Pat Fiorello

Had quite an eventful week.  I taught a painting workshop in Giverny, France.   My students and I had special access to paint in Monet's Garden. Each morning at 7AM and in the evening after the tourists left we were able to go in and take photo's, paint, soak in the beauty and serenity of it all. We also painted in other locations in the charming town of Giverny and went on some fun excursions including a boat ride on the Seine river on a replica of Monet's "floating studio", a field trip to see his home and the famous church at Vetheuil which he painted many times and a Degas exhibit at the Impressionist Museum.

One of the unexpected opportunities was for all of us to participate in the "Fete de la Peinture" which is an annual festival of painting, essentially a plein air paint- out competition.  We had our canvases stamped in the morning and had to return in the afternoon to a park where the paintings would be judged. I was doing a demonstration for some of the oil painters in my group for the better part of the day so just had about 2 hours before the deadline to come up with something to submit. I chose a view of this painting studio which is behind the Hotel Baudy, a local landmark where many artists including Renoir, Cezanne, Mary Cassat and Sisley stayed during painting trips to Giverny.

At 5pm we had to bring our paintings on our easels to the park to be judged. Once the judging was over we were asked to carry our easels to the Mayor's office, a few blocks away for the awards and a reception.  The Mayor began speaking ( in French, of course) and I had no idea what he was saying till he called out my name. I won first prize in the competition which includes an invitation to have an exhibit back in Giverny in October. A very exciting moment topping off a wonderful week of painting, fun and inspiration in France with my students.

With the Mayor and Director of Cultural Affairs

1st place Award Certificate

Some photo's from Monet's Garden...

On Monet's "floating studio"

Some of the students painting in the gardens...
 Some long held- dreams come true!
An experience we will never forget!

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