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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Color Charts #10 Cobalt Blue

Here's the color chart on Cobalt Blue- mixed with the same array of colors as all the previous studies.

This entire chart is noticeably cooler and darker than the others so far which is no surprise since the base color, Cobalt Blue is cooler and darker in value than most of the other yellows, oranges and reds from all the previous charts. One of the interesting things to see is how the addition of Cobalt Blue to the yellows      (columns 2-5) makes their properties more evident.   For example, compare the mixture with Cadmium Lemon(column 2) to  the one with Cadmium Yellow Light (column 3). The green produced with Cadmium Lemon looks distinctly cooler (mixing a cool yellow with blue) versus the Cadmium Yellow Light  column which is a warmer yellow mixed with blue to produce a warm green.The 5th column mixed with Yellow Ochre Pale yields a very dull green, almost a grey, since Y.O.P. is more of a neutralized yellow compared to either of the Cadmiums.

If this is your first visit to my blog, see July 2011Archives for other colors in this study( there will be 12 in all) and stay tuned for the upcoming color studies.

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