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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Color Charts #5 Cadmium Orange

Wow- Cadmium Orange seems the strongest so far in tinting power, that is, not being influenced much by  the other colors it's mixed with.  It produced a beautiful array or warm oranges- great for flowers. In this chart I mixed Cadmium Orange with some of each of the same 12 colors I've been using every day in this exercise and it's amazing that even the darker colors like Magenta or Ultramarine blue really can't stand up to the power of Cad. Orange.

But notice compared with even another Cadmium- like Cadmium Yellow Light(  repeating chart 2 from a few days ago below)

that the Cad. Orange retained it's hue pretty much regardless of what I mixed it with while the Cad Yellow was more influenced by the color mixed into it.  Good to remember- a little Cadmium Orange goes along way.

If this is your first visit to my blog, see Archives for other colors in this study( there will be 12 in all) and stay tuned for the upcoming color studies.

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