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Friday, July 8, 2011

Color Charts #4 Yellow Ochre Pale

Here's chart #4- Yellow Ochre Pale- Distinctly different from the other yellows tested as this yellow is less pure and less intense(more neutralized) compared to Cadmium Lemon and Cadmium Yellow Light and even Indian Yellow.

This color is not one of my personal favorites to use on it's own, but one thing that struck me is how  harmonious this chart is. Since every swatch has a bit of yellow ochre pale in it, they all relate beautifully to one another. I started imagining doing paintings that had one color mixed in every other color and thinking how automatically harmonized they might be (and maybe throw in one complement for contrast??)
After completing 4 charts so far, I can see that harmony in each chart- but this one was particularly obvious.

Also  Yellow Ochre Pale yields some really nice neutrals in the highest key( bottom row is mixed with a lot of white) that would be great for backgrounds in some of my floral still lives where I might not want the traditional classic stlye dark background.

If this is your first visit to my blog, see theArchives( right column) for other colors in this study (there will be 12 in all) and stay tuned for the upcoming color studies.


  1. Pat, I am really enjoying your color charts. this one is really interesting and you are right there is so much color harmony in this one. I don't usually use Cad. Y. Pale. Are all your colors the same brand?

  2. I love the color charts. I start one about 2 years ago and never finished now I am re- energized to just do it.

  3. I use different brands of paint- mostly Winsor & Newton, Rembrandt (like the consistency) Holbein( like the richness of color especially in the Cadmiums) and a few Old Holland- The Yellow Ochre Pale used in this chart is Wisnor & Newton. It's is a lighter( and I think prettier ) color on it's own than regular Yellow Ochre and mixes beautifully to slightly neutralize other colors, without overpowering.

  4. Delilah- thanks for your comments about the color charts on my blog and thanks for following. Glad you are re-inspired to give it another try. I am learning a lot by doing them, If I can be of any help, let me know. Once I committed toiti and set up all the materials, the hardest part was over- then doing the actual mixing and observations were fun.
    Best of luck and happy painting!