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Friday, July 15, 2011

Color Charts #7 Permanent Rose

This is one of my favorite charts of all:

Fabulous colors for flowers- pinks, roses, lavenders, lilacs- look what it does with blues and white
 ( columns 10 & 11 are with cobalt blue and ultramarine blue respectively)
Transparent, but holds it's own pretty well in terms of tinting power.

While it's easy to use Permanent Rose right out of the tube with white to get a pink, the addition of a small amount of a neighboring color on the color wheel( like Indian Yellow or Cadmium Red) can produce some even richer, warmer pinks- ideal for flowers.

 I much prefer Permanent Rose to Alizarin since it is equally as transparent,  it's permanent and yields some more subtle pinks than I seem to get with Alizarin. Alizarin is darker and very strong to stand up against other powerful pigments like thalo green so it's useful too, but if I could only have one I'd take Permanent Rose.

If this is your first visit to my blog, see Archives for other colors in this study( there will be 12 in all) and stay tuned for the upcoming color studies.

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